Feel Better About Life

Feel Better About Life

There are times in our life where we want to give up, feeling tired of everything that we do and still nothing good is happening or things don’t happen the way we expect it. But since most of us are not a quitter, we always find ways to make life better. Here are some things that could help you feel better about your life.

1. Don’t expect too much anything from life

This could be hard for you to do since there are many things you want to happen in life to make you happy. But the more you expect nothing in life the more you will feel calm and contented. It looks like a pessimistic view but it is actually a pragmatic one. In fact, the real source of disappointment is the expectation. So if you don’t expect you are avoiding disappointments in life and this will eventually fade if you learned not to expect anything or at least learned how to control it. If some good things happen to you without expecting it then consider it as a bonus and treat everything that you get out of life this way because life could easily give you more than enough.

2. Don’t give any meaning to life

This could sound a bit of negativity in life and most of you may even disagree and say that life is full of meaning. Yes, life is meaningful but you can make some exceptions to appreciate life even better by not putting meaning in it. If you assume that there is a meaning and this is not what is happening in your current situation, you will then end up searching for the true meaning and then here comes the word “why”. But once you get the idea that life is meaningless, the time you’ve wasted in searching for that “true meaning” will be diverted to more practical and useful ventures that will strengthen and embellish your life in a more gratifying way. So instead on searching for the meaning, better search enjoyment.

3. Make different decisions

Don’t focus on just on a decision, instead, make different decisions because this will help you find the right one. If you feel that most of the decisions you are making were all wrong, then continue and consciously make different ones. But make sure that every time you will make a decision, you need to consider things such as things that you traditionally do if it’s in your normal way of behavior, and then create an alternative one.

4. Praise yourself

If there is one thing you need to do to appreciate life better, learn how to praise yourself but in an exaggerated way. When you do something good and positive, such as getting a new better job, created or done something you’ve never done, help someone in need, got a salary raise, any big or small task, always give yourself a credit. Tell yourself how amazing you are and be proud for doing it. Before praising other people, you should start with yourself.


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