How to Handle Issues to make Relationship Stronger and Better

You might agree that there is no such perfect relationship in the world. Every couple married or not, is having some misunderstanding, or others call it “lover’s quarrel”, once in a while. This is normal but what’s important is you both know how to handle it. Especially for the women, it is vital for them to possess the skills for conflict resolution in relationships because the strength and quality of your relationship depend on how you two handle your problems and situations. If you found out how to resolve conflict in your relationship, it could be more secure and stronger.

So let’s say that it just happened for the first time or maybe again like he did something that hurt you or you didn’t like that makes you feel upset and angry. You want to let him know but you’re not sure how to tell him and how will it go. Remember that more often than not, men are quite insensitive that they don’t even realize that they did something wrong.

The first thing and most probably the best way to do is to calm down before confronting your man unless you can stay cool it is not really a good idea to immediately open up the subject. If you confront him right away while your temper is still high, you’re just putting him in a defensive mood and you might end up arguing and you will feel more hurt than ever. So it is really a good idea to give yourself some time to cool down and think about the issue. Do you really need to tell him or does it really upset you? Is it really a big thing to deal with or just a small understanding that is not necessarily to make an issue about it? Remember that if men could be so insensitive, sometimes women are the opposite side of them, too much sensitive even about little things. So think twice or more before confronting your man about it, but if it really upset you then you can tell him but in a good calm manner and at a right time (not on time that he might be busy or he’s not in a good mood) and tell him that you just want to be vocal about it.

If you have already told him, listen to him if he has something to tell about it. Don’t get mad if his reasons are not the one you are expecting and don’t push them right away for an answer and don’t think that they don’t love you anymore because you’re hearing that thing that you don’t like. Give them also some time and chance to talk about what they feel.

Always remember that in a relationship, it should be given and take and you should always try to understand each other’s feeling if you really love each other. Open communication is very important but makes sure that it should always be in a good, positive, and calm manner. Don’t be a nagger because most of the men hate this so much. If you learn the skills for conflict resolution in relationships, small issues would seem nothing for you and you will be able to deal better with the big ones. And if you handle every issue in a proper way, you will draw him closer and both of you will be happier than ever then here will come the relationship you are longing for, loving, stronger, and more secure than you ever wished for.


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